Saturday, January 16, 2016

Winter newsletter coming soon.

Guys, I've just completed a little work updating my Official Website and am about to finish and post my Winter Newsletter which will contain details on coming shows, images of works in progress and future plans for 2016. Visit And add your email to the subscribe feature to receive this quarterly newsletter.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Work in Process

Before leaving Ireland on this trip I was working on a number of important commissioned portraits. Here is an image of one such portrait on my easel - The Legendary concertina player Chris Droney.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Darkness to light through love and inspiration

Article: Darkness to light through love and inspiration.

Above a link to a recent feature/article and interview by Hilary Adam White which appeared in the Sunday Independent newspaper on December 27th.

Happy New Year to all my friends and family around the world.
Wishing you a joyful,  peace filled, creative and prosperous New Year 2016.
- Richard and Boo Hearns

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Rembrandt's Bed

Rembrandt's Bed, 2015 - oil on canvas panel.

Wishing you all a cozy, joyful, festive and peace-filled Christmas.

Yours In Paint,
Richard Hearns.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Two Works Old and New

'The Painters Lunch' and 'Lead White'.
oil on panel - 12x9

contact, for pricing.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Basic Precept

For the longest time now I'd been meaning to post an image of this Monet painting that I encountered for the first time at The Fogg Museum on the grounds of Harvard University, Cambridge MA in October of this year.

On seeing this painting, which I feel is one of Monet's finest little works, something fundamental occurred to me. Other then being an expression of his influences, namely Eugene Delacroix's romantic large flower paintings and the other impressionists' interpretations like Manet's studies of the Spanish, Dutch and French still life traditions, particularly his copies and emulations of the works of Jean-Siméon Chardin, whom I love - this small unassuming painting illustrates something wonderful.

That is, that on seeing this piece it reenforced in me the basic precept that fundamentally a picture or painting first and foremost should be an expression of its materials! It seems a basic enough idea and quite an obvious one you might say, but there exists so much work out there in the world that does not measure up to this basic need. An oil painting should be 'painted' and an expression of the medium. The subject matter is secondary to this basic idea. This point is clearly stated in any masterpieces which transcend and elevate even the most basic subjects. It's my believe that the statement is made through the way the paint is applied. How the artist understands and uses his chosen medium is of utmost importance.

I believe the evident lack of this basic precept in many works is largely due to the painters misunderstanding and seeming lack of empathy for his primary concern - the stuff of paint itself.

Claude Monet's - Red Mullets, c.1870
Oil on canvas

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Supper for Hecate

The ancient Greeks and Egyptians were known to leave Garlic outdoors to evoke the deities.

I created this simple composition in Valencia, Spain earlier this year as I scoured a kitchen late one evening simply looking for subjects or objects in order to 'keep my hands moving'. 

Hecate, the ancient Greek Goddess was associated with crossroads, entrance-ways, light, the moonmagic, and a knowledge of herbs, poisonous plants, and sorcery among other things!
The origin of the name Hecate is not known, but suggested sources include the word in ancient Greek for 'will' and from some obscure texts including Ovid's Metamorphosis: "she that operates from afar", "she that removes or drives off", and "the far reaching one" - which all kind of sounds like how Garlic operates doesn't it!?  - What with it's pungent smell, and how in regards to more recent folklore and myth it's been used to ward off sinister spirits. 

The Greeks left offerings of garlic at village and town crossroads to appease this Goddess.
Hecate is often depicted as a three formed figure - omni present and manifold in her mystic nature.

I like the idea of 'crossroads', metaphorical crossroads that is. How often in our lives are we faced with a decision to make? A defined juncture? A new leaping off point into a vastly uncharted place. Don't some of us wish for this excitement each day and to be brave enough to leap out into the unknown freely!? But as human beings we also have a tendency to pine after the familiar. 

I'm confident that in many ways the process of making or creating draws us in and presents for us new junctures and crossroads daily - allowing the opportunity to investigate, build faith through our efforts and expand further to ever uncharted places through our chosen medium.

Supper for Hecate, 2015  - oil on panel - 12"x12"
Composition with Garlic Bulbs and Basket.

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Friday, December 4, 2015


Often times due to my enthusiasm and admitted lack of patience I plunge ahead and post an image or even exhibit a painting before it's 'complete'! It's actually this precise act that at times leads me to want to take the painting back into my studio to work on again. 

I'm convinced seeing paintings in different environments helps one to evaluate the work anew and am sure this is the case for very many painters. In fact I've heard many artists including the renowned Frank Auerbach and Anselm Keifer admit the same when it comes to their practice so I'm sure it's all part of the process. At the same time I find it's vitality important not to brud over a piece. It's such a delicate balancing act!

On getting home after my exhibits and travel in the US this year I saw a 'way in' to a number of pieces and decided to give them more time - seeing if I might be able to improve and add further resonance to the works. It's  a curious relationship! 

It can be a curse reworking images and you must be careful, but as I mature I'm finding I have more patience and want more time in many cases to spend with my paintings and bring them to where I want them to be.

Buoy, 2015 - oil on panel 12"x12"

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