Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pencils and Postcard

Pencils and Postcard - oil on linen - 12"x9"
Private Collection, Maine ME.

This Still Life painting depicts my jar of my colouring pencils and a postcard reproduction of Sorolla's painting 'Alberca del Alcazar de Sevilla' from the Museo Sorolla in Madrid.  Myself and Boo first visited Madrid in 2009 on our honeymoon and then again a year or so later when I had the chance to visit JoaquĆ­n Sorolla's home which is now a Museum. Sorrolla's painting of an archway and pond struck me as I was made aware that this painting, along with an array of other pieces painted in his home garden were some of the last works the artist created.

For ten years leading up to these pieces Sorrolla had been inundated with a huge mural like commission for the Hispanic Society building in New York City and an array of commissioned portraits. Some say that this grand commission for the Hispanic Society headquarters very nearly killed the artist both physically and artistically. I've seen that mural in Harlem and think it is one of the most incredible accomplishments in the history of representational painting. That being said it is necessarily stylised and staged in it's depiction of the many different regional cultural aspects of Spain but it also shows the breath of Sorrolla's knowledge with regards to composition, brush handling, problem solving and colour etc. It's an incredible feat of accomplishment.

All the same, I really enjoyed spending time with his quieter garden scenes and sketches as they struck me as 'the real Sorolla' and I'm sure provided him with an oasis of sorts at this time in his later years. 

My painting entitled ' Pencils and Postcard' is lite by north light which filters in all diffused through a side window in my kitchen. I hoped this softness would echo that quietness and stillness in those works of Sorolla. 

In this work I applied a harmonic pythagorean grid or the armature of the rectangle to aid me in the placement of the various objects at the outset of the painting, allowing two pencils at far left and right to run in exact correlation with two of the major diagonals.

I hope you like it.

- Richard Hearns

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

In Orange and White

This piece was all wrapped up in a far off land this past year or so. It's been great to reunite.

Many times on seeing an old work you beat yourself up a little, recognising elements in your painting that needed improvement or recognising things you didn't quite understand. But every once in a while you give yourself a pleasant surprise. This certainly was the case with this painting. It's great to have it back and I'm confident to find a home for it in the coming weeks.

Still Life with Orange and White, 2014 - oil on linen - 12"x9"

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Still Life with Pumpkin and Grapes

Hailing back to an earlier colour approach, this liner composition works to create interest by the contrasting of subdued colours and neutral tones set against a warm coloured centre of interest.
Working mostly in cool greys and blues in the surrounding space and background, I also kept the detail in rendering the individual grapes to a minimum so as to lead the eye to the centre of interest created by the punch of warm orange and reds found on the active surface of the pumpkin.

I'm really quite fond of the 'paint handling' and varied surface quality found in this piece.

I hope you like it.

- Richard

Still Life with Pumpkin and Grapes - oil on panel - 12"x9"
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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hand turned Bowl

Hand Turned Bowl - oil on canvas - 20"x20"

The challenge of describing a dense wooden turned bowl and a delicate thin glass vessel with the same brush gave me a feeling of accomplishment. It's always like this when painting directly and from life. You are confronted by your chosen objects and must find a way in - a way to begin. A good deal of trust is necessary at this stage and many people on seeing the initial stages of the painting would not be sure or convinced at all of where the piece might be headed.
I'm not at all saying I can see the finished work in my minds eye and work towards that end but I do endeavour to solve one problem after the next until the piece is resolved.

This painting also featured in my exhibit in LA at the end of last month.

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Aqua de Valencia

Aqua de Valencia - oil on linen - 20"x20"
Private Collection, Pasadena CA.

Started some months ago the 'pulp' of this painting was created in the first couple of sittings but I returned to work on it later intermittently. 

I brought this painting along to feature in my most recent solo show in LA. It's always an amazing thing to see where a painting ends up and who connects strongly with the piece. It's my belief that a painting always finds it's rightful collector - thus completing and continuing the cycle of it's creation.

Monday, November 9, 2015

A Mans Work

A Man's Work - oil on panel - 12"x12"
Private collection, Pasadena CA.

One of my recent still life pieces which I brought to the U.S. to feature in my first Los Angeles solo exhibition. The title generated some interesting conversation!

The work has found it's way into a very special home and private collection.
Huge thanks to all who attended and supported my show 'Communion' which opened at All Saints Church with the help of the Former Director of the Armoury Centre for the Arts, Jay Belloli.

I'll post more images of the opening night as soon as I can.
I think I may even have a recording of my conversation with Rev Ed Bacon to share with you all too.

- Richard

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

North Light with Tea Pot and Pumpkins

It's all about Halloween here in New Orleans. In fact it's hard to find food that hasn't got additional pumpkin in it. Even the coffees have some additional flavour from the cucirbit (squash) family.

I created this painting entitled North Light with Tea Pot and Pumpkins just before I left to New York. It's found its way into a very special collection north of here in Scarbourough, Maine.

Hope you like it.

Best wishes from The Big Easy.

- Richard 

North Light with Tea Pot and Pumpkins - oil on canvas - 20"x20". Private Collection, Maine ME.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Branch, 2015 - oil on canvas - 28"x24"
Private Collection, New York City.

Posting this image which featured at the first of three 'private collectors get togethers' organised in New York City this month.

I'm on the Amtrack train back to New York from Boston after a three day stay and adventure around the city's museums and universities. I've been documenting my journey and various points of interest on my Instagram and Facebook account. I'd encourage you all to look me up there if your interested to see this US trip and exhibits documented more closely.

Myself and Boo are having an incredible, interesting, inspirational and uplifting journey here.

Best wishes from somewhere along the New England railway line.

- Richard

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Communion - Los Angeles Solo Show

This date next month October 30th marks the opening of my first solo show in Los Angeles.

This exhibition entitled 'Communion' is being curated by Jay Belloli, the Former Director of the Armoury Centre for the Arts in Pasadena. Jay's help in curating this show continues to be a real gift and the chance to enter into a conversation about my work and practice with the Rev. Ed Bacon, who has been rector at All Saint Church since 1995 is very exciting indeed.

In the meantime I leave to New York City tomorrow, with three private collectors get togethers organised and an onwards trip to Boston, New Orleans, Arizona and San Francisco for extra research, development and fun!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Storm Clouds over Galway Bay

This summer had quite a bit of rain fall, but it did make for some arresting views over Galway Bay. At times you can watch the rain roll in towards land over the Atlantic.
That being said, the weather is promised good for the next week or so!

This is the last image I'll post online of work to feature in my Los Angeles solo exhibition for the moment. I'll move onto a selection of still life works bound for presentation at 'private collectors get togethers' in New York City early next month.

Storm Clouds over Galway Bay - oil on linen - 12"x9"
Reserved for coming Los Angeles Solo Show, 'Communion'.
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