Monday, August 25, 2014

Wet Paint!

I have several large scale still life pieces in process at the moment at my studio.
Thought to send you on this image.
Can anyone guess the whereabouts of the landscape depicted in the background?

- Richard

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Classical Thirds

It was a mad 'egg hunt' in Germany, made easy by visits to Ralph Gelbert's studio.
I collected objects and debris that spoke to me. I picked these objects for there inherent formal qualities and arranged them in this composition which I entitled Classical Thirds.

Classical Thirds - oil on canvas - 64" x 48"
Collection of The City of Neustradt an der Weinstrasse

Monday, August 18, 2014

Green, Blue and Orange

Composition in Green, Blue and Orange - oil on linen panel - 12"x9"

Below an image of painting created and completed during my time in Germany last month at the 3rd Kunstler International Symposium in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse.

In this linear arrangement I worked with horizontal and vertical objects and light which lead the eye from left to right across the picture plane. I also kept the warmest colours at the right creating a complementary.

Hope you like it.

- Richard

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Artist's Boots

I had had these old leather boots of mine recently resoled in New York City.

Some weeks ago they carried me to Neustadt an der Weinstresse in Germany, to take part in an international symposium of painters and sculptors. I decided to start my work that week by creating a painting of my boots.

In a very direct manner I blocked in the selected tones and shapes of my boots in a created space. I played with the idea of offsetting their soft leather form against a white 'framing device'.

Perhaps the symbol of these boots also hints at an inward journey? A journey always begins with the first step! All creativity begins inside our centre. We must all 'draw' our creativity from inside ourselves and from there it is possible to move out into the world.

The Artist's Boots - oil on panel - 12"x9"

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Papa's Gloves

Papa's Gloves - oil on linen - 12"x9"
Private Collection.

These gloves were worn by my grandfather Dick Hearns when boxing for Ireland v USA at Soldier Field, Chicago, in 1933.

Dick fought Max Marek in the light heavyweight division.  Marek had defeated the legendary Joe Louis in the final of the US Amateur Championships that year.  Louis became one of the greatest Heavyweight Champions of the world.

The following is an extract from the report of the match in The Chicago Tribune -

"The 40,000 patrons put up a terrible squawk when the decision was given to Max Marek, veteran Chicago lightheavyweight, over Dick Hearns of Ireland.  This happened to be the bout which clinched the championship for the US and though Phil Collins the referee, decided for Hearns and properly so, the judges gave it to Marek.

Though the decision went to Marek, giving the US a certain victory, the crowd did not take kindly to the decision.  Hearns traded punch for punch with Marek all the way and the margin, if there was one in this bout, might have been given to the Irish lad.  Certainly the crowd seemed to think so, for it seemed as if 40,000 varieties of booing, stamping of feet and plain and ordinary squawking resounded through Soldier Field for a long time making the introduction of the heavyweights who fought in the closing bout an impossibility".

Dick Hearns was my Grandad.

Detail Images Below:

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

SEPIL Commission 011 - The Welder's Habitat.

The Welder's Habitat - oil on canvas

The onshore section of the pipeline was one of the most contentious issues of the Corrib Gas Project.
On my third visit to the project site I had the fortune to meet a welding inspector and two welders at work on the onshore section of the pipe. The welders experienced foreman and inspector very kindly allowed me access to the welding habitat to meet his team at work. The 'habitat' in which the welders work is a large sturdy gazebo like structure with steel walls that sits over the sections of the pipe they are reinforcing and making safe. I was mesmerized by the space, environment and equipment which was all utterly alien to me even though I had enjoyed the experience of some 'arch welding' at the sculpture department in college!

With this piece I concentrated a lot on drawing and kept a strong focus on line throughout the piece giving it a graphic quality which holds true to the experience I encountered.

- Richard

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Bull Finch

The Bull Finch - oil on board - 12"x10" - sold

Having finished this piece I realized, on reflection, that I had somehow interred the delicate finch in a sort of tomb or sarcophagus.

I love the sensibility to colour, colourlessness and the surface quality of this piece.
I think the treatment of scale and use of  space makes this painting specially delicate.

- Richard

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Curds and Honey

Curds and Honey - oil on stretched oil primed linen - 12"x9"

A couple of weeks in the lead up to leaving to Germany I began and completed several new pieces. A couple of which I shared with you already. While working on this piece I was thinking about the space around the objects, and paid particular attention to the surface quality of the painting itself. There exists a great play between the soft violet/green background colours and the yellow/honey orange colours of the objects.

- Richard 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Symposium Exhibit Opening

This day last week marked the opening of the 3rd Künstler - Symposium in Neustadt, Germany.

The reception and exhibit took place at the same location in which the works were created, the Villa Bohm. The City of Neustadt an der Weinstrasse very kindly gave us this space for the week to work in leading up to the presentation. It was a real overnight transformation from studio/workshops to exhibition, and the reception was very busy indeed, pulling a large crowd from 11am to 6pm.

Here are a few photos from the day long reception.
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Many Thanks,

- Richard

Inside the Villa Bohm.

Ralph Gelbert opening the event.

An incredibly talented thirteen year old Chinese Violinist plays what sounds to my ears a very complex and beautiful arrangement.


Karl Oppermann - acting the maggot as usual!

Niv Tisbi with some guests.

In an air sun filled room a gentleman admires five of the pieces I created and presented at the show.

Celebrating with an incredibly talented Nasrin Abu Baker - my Palestinian sister. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Künstler Symposium - A Wonderful Whirlwind

I can't believe it's over! The Künstler Symposium in Neustradt, Germany just finished up on Sunday.
It was a wonderful whirlwind long week filled with new friends, wine, late nights, creative work and little sleep, all in that order!

Special thanks to Ralph Gelbert for his extraordinary generosity, expertise, patience, can do attitude and fun. Ralph, we all enjoyed your company immensely!

I arrived in Germany the week before last on July 13th in plenty of time to enjoy a lunchtime meal out, the chance to meet my incredible host family Philipp and Linda Catoir (who own and run the third largest wine company in Germany, Muller Catoir.), followed up by watching the World Cup Final at an old converted wine cellar in a picturesque pristine Palatinate village in Neustradt an der Weinstresse.

After the celebrations we met the following day at the Villa Bohm. A building with a considerable dark history but one that has seen an amazing change over the years and now functions as a centre for the arts. Many many established artists have worked and shown there, most notably a recent show by Armin Mueller-Stahl the German film actor, painter, writer and musician. His work in quite incredible by the way!

On Monday the 14th we were given our appointed spaces, requested materials, and commenced work.
Many of the artists had brought imagery and a plan as to what they would create during there stay.
I on the other hand had prepared little in that sense, but decided to engage directly with the physical space I was allocated and the materials I was presented with and encountered during my stay.
I worked like a horse, and with determination completed six paintings in six days, one of which was the largest still life I have created to date! Perhaps all the wine and lunch time spritzers loosed me up some!

As a group lead by Ralph, we enjoyed lunch time meals out together each day and also made several group trips to some incredible locations. The UNESCO world heritage city of Speyer was for me a real highlight.

I loved the chance to meet all the artists that took part in the symposium and noted that even with all the upset in the world this week a harmony and positive attitude prevailed. Everyone wants peace. The chance to talk with the wonderfully talented artists Niv Tishbi from Israel and  Nasrin Abu Baker from Palestine presented me with a very real world view - That none of this violence and hatred will get us anywhere! We all want peace and to evolve now and its our hope that through our example and work the world might become a better place.

Here are some photos from this incredible international artists symposium of which I took part.
I will cherish these memories forever and can't wait to see and welcome you all again here in Ireland or overseas soon.

- Richard

Special thanks to Juergen Messler for these photographs.
I will follow up with more photos from the week, publications we featured in, and pictures of the Vernissage shortly.

Richard Hearns - Ireland